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    Kunming BLT Project of Road Monitoring and Electronic Police
    Tongling Project of City Emergency Response and Video Command System
    Jiaonan BOT Project of Social Security Dynamic Monitoring System
    Safety City Project of Shandong Xin County
    Social Dynamic Monitoring Project of Binzhou Development Zone
    Dong’e County Social Security Dynamic Monitoring System
    Xianyang Digital City Management System
    Construction of City Alarm and Monitoring System in Shaanxi Yang County
    Qufu Video Monitoring and Digitalized City Management Project
    Construction of Fenggang City Alarm and Monitoring System
    Chishui City Alarm and Video Monitoring System
    City Alarm and Video Monitoring System of Wuchuan Autonomous County
    Safe City Project in Baotou Shiguai
    Project of Yunnan Narcotics Command Center
    Beijing TV Center Project
    Security Technology System Project for Oversea Chinese History Museum of China
    Security System Project of Beijing Capital International Airport
    Project of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport

    China National Centre for the Performing Arts Project National Museum of China 
    Water Cube in Beijing Olympic Park
    Civil Aviation Administration of China 

    General Political Department
    General Staff Department
    General Logistics Department
    General Equipment Department
    General Department of Armed Police
    Second Artillery Force
    Air Force Command
    Rocket Force Command
    Beijing Military Region
    UN Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo
    CSSC Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo
    Oil Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo
    Future Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo
    Administrative Law Enforcement of Xi’an Weiyang District
    PLA 66336 Force
    Yunnan Political Consultative Conference Office
    Yunnan Government
    Civil Affairs Department of Yunnan Province
    Earthquake Emergency Command Center of Yunnan Province
    Public Security Fire Service of Kunming
    Public Security Department of Yunnan
    Hubei Shizishan Drug Rehabilitation Center 
    Shaanxi Government
    Shaanxi Environment Protection Building
    Xi’an Human Resource and Social Security Bureau
    Xi’an Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision
    Xi’an Traffic Police Command Center
    Shandong Zouping Electricity Board
    Defense Technological Information Center
    Beijing Radio Regulation
    Standing Committee of Guangdong People’s Congress
    People’s Procuratorate of Qingdao
    Yunnan Narcotics Command Center
    Yunnan Higher People’s Court
    Yunnan Bureau of Prison Administration
    Public Security General Frontier Force of Yunnan
    Lvgong People’s Court
    Shilin County People’s Court
    Yunnan Department of Environment Protection
    Mengla County Public Security Bureau
    Public Security Bureau of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture
    Public Security Bureau of Honghe Yi Autonomous Prefecture
    Lincang Traffic Police Command Center
    Dali Public Security Bureau Command Center
    Industrial Bank
    Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
    Hangzhou Bank
    Tianjin Bank
    Bohai Bank
    Shanghai Bank
    Postal Saving Bank of China
    Hankou Bank 
    People's Bank of China Shaanxi Branch
    Xi'ning Commercial Bank
    Dalian Bank
    People's Bank of China
    Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 
    Construction Bank of China
    Agricultural Bank of China  
    Bank of China 
    Bank of Communications
    China CITIC Bank
    China Merchants Bank
    Bank of Beijing
    China Everbright Bank
    The People's Bank of China, Xianyang Branch
    Jiangxi Rural Credit Union
    Chinese Academy of Sciences
    National Education Examination Academy
    Academy of Military Sciences
    Planning and Designing Institute of Telecommunications
    Urban Construction Design &Research Institute
    Peking University
    Tsinghua University
    Xi'an Jiaotong University
    Shanghai Jiaotong University
    Beihang University
    Beijing Foreign Studies University
    No.4 High School of Shenzhen

    Beijing Normal University

    Beijing Institute of Technology 
    Northwestern Polytechnical University 

    Beijing Forestry University 

    Air Force Engineering University
    University of International Business and Economics
    Capital Normal University
    China University of Mining and Technology
    China University of Geosciences
    University of Sciences and Technology Beijing
    Shaanxi Normal University
    Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts
    North China University of Technology
    Beijing Union University

    No. 1 Middle School of Tianjin

    Beijing Geely University

    Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication
    Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
    The Second Artillery Engineering University
    Xi'an Physical Education University
    Northwest University
    Beijing Dancing Academy
    Beijing Wuzi University
    Xi'an Jiaotong University
    Northwestern Polytechnical University
    Guangzhou University City
    Xiamen Institute of Technology
    Tianjin Nankai Middle School
    Xi'an University of Finance and Economics
    Xixiang County No.2 Middle School
    Education Bureau of Dayi
    No.2 Middle School of Xi'an Aero-Engine (Group)

    Hong Kong University Shenzhen Hospital
    PLA 202 Hospital
    PLA 452 Hospital
    PLA 187 Hospital
    PLA 171 Hospital
    PLA 254 Hospital
    Zhongshan People's Hospital
    Zhuhai People's Hospital
    University of South China Affiliated Nanhua Hospital
    Renji Hospital ,Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine
    Longhua University, Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine
    He'nan People's Hospital
    Guangzhou South Hospital
    Nanchong Central Hospital
    Jiangxi People's Hospital
    Ganzhou Hospital
    No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University
    Zhuzhou Central Hospital
    Zhuzhou Second Hospital
    The Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University
    Xi'an Children's Hospital
    Xi'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Sanshui People's Hospital

    Dongguan Dalingshan Hospital
    Dongguan Liaobu Hospital
    Shilong People's Hospital
    Shatian Hospital
    Huizhou Union Hospital
    The First People's Hospital of Huiyan District in Huizhou
    Huizhou Boluo Hospital
    Yangshan People's Hospital
    Yulin First People's Hospital of Yulin
    The First People's Hospital of Hefei
    Anxi Hospital
    Luohe Central Hospital
    Shangqiu Maternal and Child Health Hospital Haikou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital
    The Third People's Hospital of Haikou
    The Fourth People's Hospital of Wuxi
    He'nan University of Chinese Medicine
    The First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University
    Jinyang County Hospital
    Mengzhong Hospital of Wuhai
    The First Affiliated Hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University
    Tangshan Workers Hospital
    Fuqi Maternal and Child Hospital
    Wuyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jiangmen
    Lvgong New District Hospital of Kunming Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
    Cangzhou Hospital of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine
    New Branch in Central Area of Bao'an Maternal and Child Heath Hospital
    Preventive Medicine Building and Comprehensive Building of Health Supervision Station in Bao'an
    The Affiliated East Ji'an Hospital of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Fujian Changtai Hospital
    Cangzhou Nandagang Hospital
    General Hospital of Yangtze River Shipping
    Shenzhen Donghu Hospital
    Shenzhen Hengsheng Hospital
    Meizhou People's Hospital
    Maoming Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Foshan People's Hospital
    Foshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Foshan Chencun Hospital
    Guangdong Xinxing Hospital
    Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital
    The Fourth People's Hospital of Shaanxi
    Wuhan Medical Treatment Center

    Beijing Great Wall Hotel 
    Beijing Continental Grand Hotel
    Traders Hotel Beijing
    Beijing Kerry Hotel
    Beijing Guo'an Hotel
    Beijing Xiyuan Hotel
    Beijing Kunlun Hotel
    FuWah Jinbao Lijing Hotel

    FuW ah Jinbao Liting Hotel
    Shangri-La Hotel
    Grand Hyatt Hotel
    Hotel New OTani Chang Fu Gong
    Paragon Hotel Beijing
    Element Suzhou Science and Technology
    Anji Hello Kitty Park
    Sanmenxia Dapeng International Hotel
    Xi'an Westin Grand Hotel
    Inner Mongalia Junsheng Grand Hotel
    Hyatt Hotel Baoji
    Huhhot Juva Grand Hotel
    Chang An Grand Hotel
    Weiyang Lake Grand Hotel

    Beijing Chang’an Shopping Mall
    Lesong Plaza
    Wanda Group
    Longfor Properties
    Beijing Huawei Building
    Ducheng Building
    Beijing Shuangquan Building
    Zhonguancun Building

    Tangshan Fenghuang Building
    International Bamboo and Rattan Tower
    Beijing Zhongfu Bulding
    FuWah Jinbao Building
    Beijing Nanyin Building
    Beijing Kerry Center
    Zhongke Ziyuan Building
    Haisong Building
    Jinshi Building
    HKCTS Building
    Guangdong Rural Credit Building
    Shum Yip Central Building
    West Electric Power International Building SCP Tianjin Commercial Center
    Beijing Web House Times Center
    Beijing Huaxiang Vehicles Trading Market
    Beijing Xidan Shopping Center
    Mercedes-Benz Center
    Anband International Financial Center
    Yazhijie Center
    Chang’an Club
    Poly Plaza and Poly Theatre
    Baolifeng Square
    Tianjin Konggang Second-hand Car Trading Center
    Beijing New Dong’an Market
    Xi’an Wanda International Plaza
    Shaanxi Building
    Xi’an Aircraft Industry Aircrew and Ground Service Training Building
    Yunnan Hongcheng Garden 
    Inner Mongolia Hope·Sunshine Garden 
    Hefei Rongqiaod·Meiyu Garden 
    Hefei Guoyao Square
    City Garden 
    ZOVIE Real Estate 
    Hubin Garden 
    Longxin Garden 
    Shenzhen South Real Estate (Group)Co., Ltd
    Beijing Lishan Apartment 
    Beijing Kerry Xingyuanhui Garden 
    Beijing Guohang Wangxinyuan Garden 
    Beijing Tianhong Taoyuan Garden 
    Wuhan Changqing Garden 
    Wuhan Tianlihaoyuan Smart Garden 
    Kunming Xiangshu Huacheng Garden 
    Kunming Yunduhui
    Guiyang New Yu'an City Garden 
    Suzhou Xiangshuwan Garden 
    Beijing Rongfeng Jiayuan Garden 
    Beijing Jingzhihu Villa Area 
    1st Phase of Shanghai Anqiao Mingyuan Garden 
    Beijing Jindian Garden 
    Xi'an Jinshuiyuan Garden 
    2nd Phase of Beijing Guanshanyuan Garden 
    Suzhou Science and Technology Town 
    Shanghai Greenland Century City 
    Xuzhou Greenland Business City
    Guiyang Greenland Liansheng International 
    2nd Phase of Shanghai Mingyuan Senlin City 
    Guangdianyuan Residential Garden 
    No1 of Greenlan d Guanhu in Lianyungang 
    Nanjing Zhongtian Mingting Garden 
    1st Phase of Greenland Xinduhui 
    Anji Green Town Garden 
    Sany No1 of Yazhouwan 
    Shanghai Shangying Apartment 
    Shanghai Hongqiao Xiexin Center 
    Renovation of Peili City in Lanzhou Anning